History of Boro Foundry
Founder Mr S Norton

Founder Mr S Norton

The land and buildings were first owned by Mobberley and Perry ltd, who made firebricks. It was sold in 1918 to Percy Mountford who made spades and shovels, and was called international works, and became a limited company in 1927.

The property was then sold by Percy Mountford in 1932 to Isaac Nash and sons ltd, who changed the name to Celtic Works, and they produced edge tools. It was sold in 1934 to Joseph Dudley who, it is thought made it into a foundry.

It was sold to Joseph Taylor in November 1935 when it was called The Boro’ Foundry where rainwater castings were produced.

During the wars years the building was taken over by Fisher and Ludlow ltd because the production of rainwater goods was non essential trade. Fisher and Ludlow ltd made trailers for fire pumps and couplings for pontoon bridges. At the end of the war the works reverted back to the owners, The Boro Foundry and this was made a limited company in 1948.

Current Chaiman and MD D J Norton

Current Chaiman and MD D J Norton

It was situated in the railway street which changed to stour vale road in 1955. The company was then sold in April 1960 to Mr  S Norton still trading as The Boro’ Foundry Ltd, but making engineering castings with machinery facilities.

Mr S Norton died December 1976 and his son Mr DJ Norton became manager director. The business is now run by his son Mr NJ Norton as operations director along with his two daughters Mrs BD Edwards as financial director and Mrs FL Drewett as office manageress who Joined the company in 1980, 1979 and 1984 respectively.

The Boro' Foundry Ltd is still manufacturing engineering castings with large sub-contract machining facility albeit in a more modern format to the earlier days and achieved it's 50 years of trading with the same family at the helm.

The Boro Foundry
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