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OneCNC Milling

OneCNC Milling provides a wide range of capabilities in 3, 4 and 5 axis machining ranging from manual tool-path creation and editing to fully automated Hole Feature Based Machining. The programming flexibility extends to a comprehensive set of roughing and finishing options that can be applied to any type of input geometry.

Specialised cutting strategies and optimised machining parameters that control tool and loading and create a high quality finish can now be a provide a High Speed Machining strategy, providing maximum value through increased productivity.

2-1/2 to 5 axis roughing, rest roughing and finishing patterns can be applied to basic boundary data or they can take full advantage of available solid and or surface geometry. Methods including Pocket, Spiral, Zigzag, Offset, Plunge milling, constant high speed removal patterns are examples of the patterns provided together with Face milling and automated hole machining.

OneCNC Milling Advantages:

  1. Comprehensive programming options from roughing to finishing.
  2. Wide range of capabilities from manual to fully automated tool paths.
  3. Feature based milling for hole making with automated feature detection.
  4. Extensive support for High Speed Machining
  5. Fully automated detection and machining of uncut rest material.
  6. Automatic collision detection for tool and damping fixtures.

CAD/CAM Milling Cameo

CAD/CAM Milling Cameo


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